Confusing views of the govt’s leaders show up among business people

Surely  that  can’t be  right?   Grant  Robertson  rated  ahead of  Jacinda  Ardern?

But there  it is  in   black and white:  Robertson  scores  3.62  out of  5   while  Ardern  gets  3.3  in  a    poll of   150 CEO’s.

This is the result in the  “Mood of the  Boardroom”, an annual  survey reported by the  New Zealand  Herald.

 Yet  earlier in the publication, a report states unequivocally:  “PM Jacinda Ardern is  seen  by many CEOs  as the standout performer in the Coalition  government”.


Wait, then,  till  you  get to page  10 of the  survey.  There it  says:

CEOs  were  asked:  Does  the Coalition  Government have a co-ordinated  plan of  action focused on raising  NZ’s economic performance?  ‘No’.  said   two thirds (67%)   of surveyed  respondents. Just  7%  said ‘Yes’:  26%  were  unsure”.

 And presumably some of the  CEOs  surveyed   were  much too  busy   earning  their very handsome  salaries  to  fill  in the questionnaire.    

What  about  the issue of  business  confidence?    That’s   a conundrum,  we are  told.   It’s at  the  heart of  the Kiwi  economy,  for   despite   the highest  level of  quarterly  growth  seen  in the past two years, business confidence  continues to sink.

The chief   concern is uncertainty,  followed  by skills and  labour shortages, regulation, employment law changes, and transport infrastructure.

Air  NZ’s CEO,  Christopher  Luxon,  reckons there’s probably  three  reasons for it.

One is  the Coalition  dynamics  are new and  they are  leading  at times into confusion over  who’s actually  in charge.  For the business  community,  when they have been  attacked  personally in the way it has been through  NZ First,  who are  Ministers in  this  government, it has been  discombobulating.

 “Because we’ve had  17 years  under  Helen Clark or  John Key governments, which has given us a really great platform and a foundation in place. So the anti-business Trumpian politics is something we haven’t been  used to.  It  just ends up  undermining  Jacinda  Ardern and  Grant Robertson.

 “That  needs to get sorted”. 

So it’s a relief  to turn to  Fran  O’Sullivan   to  find   Jacinda Ardern’s “charismatic performance”  on the international stage has won strong endorsement from chief executives. Seventy-six  percent of  respondents agreed  she portrayed NZ  appropriately offshore.

Her trip,  says  O’Sullivan, was a   mixture  of the  serious  and  the sublime.

Presumably, that  justified the  strapline to the  story: “CEOs agree  Jacinda Ardern’s charisma  has  won over world leaders”.

l she has to   do  now  is to get  those  business confidence  levels   back up  there.

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