The Trough Monitor: a $520,000 swill is dished up for 75 ethnic community projects

The Point of Order Trough Monitor alerted us this afternoon to the beneficence – using our money – of  Ethnic Communities Minister Jenny Salesa.

The Ethnic Communities Development Fund will provide funding to 75 community projects starting in 2019, she announced.

If you missed out on funding this time, dear reader, you can have another go when the trough is replenished around August next year.

On the other hand, if you wonder – as a taxpayer- why you couldn’t have kept this money in your pocket, be uplifted. You have paid for the glue that gives effect to social cohesion. You have nurtured diversity, too.

The fund supports initiatives that aim to develop established, growing, and newly resettled ethnic communities.

“With over 200 ethnic communities now calling New Zealand home, the Fund, and the benefits it provides, is vital for enhancing New Zealand’s social cohesion,” says Jenny Salesa.

“The Fund supports our ethnic communities in strengthening New Zealand’s inclusiveness, and enriching our diversity.”

The 75 selected projects, chosen from a pool of over 130 applications, will receive a total of $520,000; the value of grants ranges between $2,000 and $42,000.

Salesa expressed her delight at the high quality and variety of the selected projects and said it was great to see the willingness and commitment of ethnic communities in sharing their expertise, talents, and skills with our wider communities.

The selected projects range from building leadership capabilities in ethnic women, to culture training and mentoring for sports groups, and a multicultural festival, all of which continue the inspiration and creativity of the initiatives in previous funding rounds.

The next funding round will open in August 2019 for projects to be delivered in 2020.

Information about the fund and a list of all grant recipients – according to the press statement – is available on,

Point of Order trough inspectors can take this guidance a step further – they suggest you go here.  


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