The Trough Monitor: Nanaia Mahuta dishes out $1.2m housing investment to community near Wairoa

The Point of Order Trough Monitor tells us Nanaia Mahuta has been dishing out our money under one of the Government’s many redistribution programmes.

She announced the handout in a statement headed Minister congratulates Raupunga on commitment to housing initiatives.

Māori Development Minister Hon Nanaia Mahuta today announced a further $1.2m investment in the small community of Raupunga, in the Hawkes Bay.

This investment will be used to construct a five home papakāinga on the Lemuel Te Urupu Whānau Trust’s ancestral land along with much needed housing repairs.

The land is substantially Māori freehold with some general title land returned to Ngāti Pāhauwera as part of a Treaty settlement.

Mahuta congratulated Raupunga on making significant steps towards its vision of being a confident, vibrant and prosperous community.

“It is clear to me the Raupunga whānau are passionate about their community and what the future will look like for their tamariki.

“This housing initiative will not only see this small but dynamic Māori community grow but also provide the platform for the community to ensure the ongoing wellbeing of all whānau.

“Māori housing creates a springboard for a thriving whānau who can explore other development opportunities whether they be personal, business, or cultural,” said Nanaia Mahuta.

The community of Raupunga is near Wairoa, north of the Mohaka viaduct.

The Te Puni Kokiri website contains a section which steers Maori to “a guide to whānau papakāinga housing available to you, your whānau and community”.

The guide sets out the process for developing papakāinga housing in three stages with checklists, tips and advice to progress papakāinga housing developments.

It says the Māori Housing Network can provide Maori with information and advice and identify “potential sources of funding“.


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