The police are prepared to pay top whack to be – guess what? – “marketed” and “branded”

The NZ Herald tells us the Police are seeking a top public relations person in a salary packet better than Winston Peters is paid as deputy PM.

Police are offering between $256, 700 and $347, 300 for a job to be grandly known as deputy chief executive:  media and communications.

The appointee obviously will need a double-door entrance to his or her office for the job title to be put on it in a readable font.

The Herald notes that the pay packet compares with a starting  salary for a police officer of about $70,000 including allowances and overtime.

This news was delivered around the same time as David Farrar, at Kiwiblog, did us all a service by reporting that within the executive branch of the government, we have two fewer Ministers but the same number of staff to support them.

I’ve been monitoring ministerial staff numbers since 2008 as it useful to track if Ministers are loading their offices up with communications and political staff, at taxpayer expense.

In 2008 under Clark there were 286 staff. In 2017 under English there were 275. In 2018 Ardern had bloated it to 312 staff.

A count up of staff according to their January 2019 listing shows also 312 staff. But of interest is there are now two fewer Ministers. The average Minister employs 10 staff so you’d expect up to 20 fewer staff, but the level has remained the same.

The breakdown of staff is:

  • Managers 33
  • Communications 41
  • Political 37
  • Portfolio 146
  • Admin 45

In the police PR case, National’s Police spokesperson Chris Bishop said that the public would look at this and decide for themselves if it was good use of their taxpayer money.

“From my perspective it seems high and I’d be interested to hear the justification for it.”

A police spokeswoman is reported as saying the media and communications role, formerly held by Karen Jones, reports directly to Police Commissioner Mike Bush.

“The Deputy Chief Executive: Media and Communications role is an executive position in New Zealand Police and carries significant executive leadership responsibilities in addition to a functional lead for media and communications,” she said.

“The remuneration range for this role, like all senior positions within New Zealand Police, is evaluated using an external company to link to salary ranges.”

The advertisement states that the job’s responsibilities include overseeing marketing material, leading brand profile and working with other agencies to produce joint communication strategies.

“We are looking for a Deputy Chief Executive for Media & Communications to ensure the public profile of police is represented in a way that continues to maintain and enhance public trust and confidence in police,” the advertisement reads.

The police need marketing and branding help?


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