PM announces a wellbeing fund for Rainbow people while greenies splash into an established fund

The Point of Order Trough Monitor has drawn attention to the creation of a brand-new fund.  How rich will be the swill is still under consideration, it seems.

In the opening sentence of the announcement, the PM says improving the mental health and wellbeing of young members of the rainbow community is at the heart of the establishment of the Rainbow Wellbeing Legacy Fund.

Further down, she says the government is “proposing” to establish a charitable trust with a one-off endowment of $1 million.

It is unclear from this whether the matter proposed is the establishment of the trust or the size of the endowment.

The monitor was triggered again when Associate Environment Minister Eugenie Sage announced a handout from the Community Environment Fund, set up “to empower New Zealanders to make a positive difference to the environment”.

It does this by using our money to fund projects that:

  • strengthen environmental partnerships
  • raise environmental awareness
  • encourage participation in environmental initiatives in the community.

Here are the details of the latest announcements from the Beehive:

 6 JUNE 2019

Government establishes Rainbow Wellbeing Legacy Fund

Improving the mental health and wellbeing of young members of the rainbow community is at the heart of the establishment of the Rainbow Wellbeing Legacy Fund, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said today.

The fund is an acknowledgement of those New Zealanders who were convicted for homosexual acts before the law was changed in 1986.  In 2017 the Government apologised to them and in 2018 passed a law to allow for convictions to be expunged.

“In the wake of this the suggestion was made by some of the men involved that a fitting legacy would be to establish a fund that supports the young people of the Rainbow community. That is exactly what this fund will do.” Grant Robertson, Minister of Finance said.

“This is a community proposed and driven idea that has come from one part of the community for another and the Government is proud to make it happen,” Jacinda Ardern said.

“The Government is proposing to establish a charitable trust with a one-off endowment of $1 million. The trust will administer the payment of annual grants to support organisations that improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes in New Zealand rainbow communities, with a particular focus on organisations that support young people.

“The Government takes mental health seriously and this fund helps to tackle one of New Zealand’s long-term challenges of mental health,” Jacinda Ardern said.

7 JUNE 2019

Supporting young people to give local streams a helping hand

Associate Environment Minister Eugenie Sage said Wellington waterways will now have more helping hands thanks to a grant to support young people to help look after them.

A project that supports students from around Wellington to learn about local streams and how to look after them received a boost of $270,000 over three years from the Ministry for the Environment’s Community Environment Fund.

The funding will go to Mountains to Sea Wellington who are leading the Whitebait Connection Project in Wellington. It focuses on encouraging collaboration, connections, and empowering local people with the tools to care and advocate for our waterways.

The project has already helped more than 1000 students from across Wellington by providing hands-on field trips where students test water quality, investigate biodiversity and assess the impact of human activities on waterways.

Hundreds of community members have also been down to their local stream through community events and opportunities such as night-time spot-lighting to discover secretive native freshwater fish species – many of which are under threat because of degraded rivers and stream habitats.

For more information about the Community Environment Fund visit

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