Defence allies are expected to welcome NZ’s $20bn Defence Capability Plan

Defence Minister Ron Mark will unveil the latest Defence Capability Plan tomorrow.  Our various contacts expect it to be a significant document affirming an on-going positive approach to NZ defence policy involving expenditure of $20bn out to 2030.

The plan is expected to reaffirm the Pacific Reset programme announced by Foreign Minister Winston Peters – and spelled  out again in his recent Pacific foray.

There will be big-ticket items: a replacement for the 50-year-old RNZAF Hercules, a new dedicated southern ocean offshore patrol vessel and a downgrading of the inshore patrol fleet, new IED-proofed armoured vehicles for the Army and a shift into unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for both maritime surveillance and tactical use to complement the vast intelligence-gathering resources of the RNZAF’s new Boeing P-8A Poseidons, due in service from 2023.

An emphasis on special forces’ operations is expected.

Our contacts believe the plan will reinforce the need for inter-operability with friends and allies and signal a further shift into IT warfare to harness the flow of new information.  This will require new resources by way of trained staff.    It is likely to indicate the need to replace the RNZAF’s Boeing 757s within a decade – and the need to find a new strategic airlift capability.   Our contacts indicate contract negotiations are still under way on the Hercules replacement.

While Boeing, which now has a commercial interest in Brazil’s Embraer company, has pushed Emb. KC390 twin engine tactical transport, the C-130J is the likely choice, a point underscored by the need for “inter-operability”. The only customers for the KC390 to date are the Brazilian air force and Portugal’s modest air force – the latter reflecting the long political, language and cultural links between the two countries.

The plan should be greeted with enthusiasm and relief  in Canberra, London (which recently ordered the P-8A) and Washington as it signals a positive approach to defence policy by the Coalition Government.

Its acceptance by the Cabinet represents a significant milestone for ministers Peters and Mark – and a difficult target for the Opposition.

2 thoughts on “Defence allies are expected to welcome NZ’s $20bn Defence Capability Plan

  1. This is all very pleasing. The UAVs and Poseidons will be a powerful combination for our maritime area of interest which is is vast, ranging from the Equator to Antarctica. It’s good to see our interests in the Southern Ocean being paid particular attention too. Well done NZ First.


  2. Getting rid or downsizing the IPV SQN is to me a retrograde step that would only make the Neo Con/ Lib economic vandals of NZ Treasury who are only to happy to see this happen as like to spend very little on Defence and were pushing “The No Mates Party” to make this happen as the RNZN wanted a new SOPV ie rob Peter to pay Paul mentality of the muppets from muppets always did to the NZDF.

    The IPV SQN has been quite active over the last few years in the South Pacific in conjunction with deployment of the OPV’s and P-3’s on Fisheries Patrols and provide training to those smaller nations who operate the “Pacific Class Vessels”. In NZ they provide training to the sprogs/ snoty’s and to those of the lower deck before they are let lose on the bigger Ships of HMNZN. They also have those up and coming high flyers of the upper deck to prove they have the right stuff to eventually command HMZG’s Ships like a Frigate or the Landing Support Ship Canterbury.

    The purchase of a those up armoured Pinz’s was a joke and no thanks to Dobson and Jerry show in the early 2000’s who ignored advice from the RNZAC Directorate who said two SQN’s of LAV’s and two SQN’s of the Australian Bushmasters would do. But no these two Infantry muppets and their other Infantry minions disestablished the RNZAC Directorate and told the Labour Government that a 100 plus LAV3’s is what the Army needs which in turn put the whole of the MOD and NZDF back 10yrs because of this Infantry Officers Coup. Finally we are going to see the purchase of the Bushies these vehicles are the best vehicle on the market with a 100% survival ability rate unlike the Yank ones which seam to fall over when going around corners and had a high kill rate compared to the Aussie Bushes and the Pommy Vehicles from my own experience in the Gan aka KAF, Kabul.

    The use of UAV’s is going to be a major game changer for the NZDF and other NZ agencies. The Watermelons of the Greens, the lefties from the Labour Party (This Poster is a lefty) and those who are anti defence full stop would need an education on the full benefit of the use of UAV’s in the NZDF and the other benefits it brings to other NZ Agencies as these are not a one trick pony.

    What I would to see is someone go over the costing’s when the NZG had an option to buy 8 J Models on the back of the Australian order for a dozen or so J Models back in the early 2000’s vs the LEP of the 5 RNZAF H models in the early 2000’s vs the new 5 J Models if announced tomorrow?

    I would also like to see an addition 2-4 NH-90’s purchase as to spend out the hrs on the current fleet of the 8 NH-90s and it would also give the NZDF some utility/ fudge factor of able to mounts concurrent operations both at home and on overseas deployment.

    Anyway Ronnie, Winnie and yes Mr Shaw are kicking plenty of goals IRT Defence, the long term effects from CC and how we act into the future, unlike the last mob who couldn’t run a chook raffle let alone a piss up at the local bowls club along with their mates from Treasury.


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