Boris makes a joke (but is serious)

Even when (perhaps especially when?) he exhorts party members for money, Boris Johnson wants to be funny:

“Not only will we deliver Brexit. We’ll also defeat the gloomsters in Labour.

Because you and I know that our country can meet any challenge.

We invented the steam train, split the atom, codified football.

And we created the world’s first chocolate bar. A patriotic fact I indulge in on a daily basis.

So with your help, we’ll see off Corbyn – and send him back to his allotment to tend his marrows.

No more self-doubt. No more delays. If you want to get Brexit done by the 31st of October, then chip in and show your support.”

More proof – if needed – that Britain’s Conservative party is preparing for an election. And it’s policy is serious.

The sense that Boris has turned the tables on his opponents seems to be growing by the day.  The EU looks caught between giving him a good deal or inadvertently justifying no-deal Brexit (see the previous post).  Neither outcome looks great for the anti-Brexit forces.  Their political division seems to be hardening into one tribe of self-righteous supporters of rejoining the EU (led by the Liberal Democrats) and another of ambiguous compromisers, tarred with failure (led by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party). Mr Johnson might be forgiven for wondering if this is a sound basis for political dominance for some time.

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