Tabuteau hands out more PGF money for skills and employment – this lifts investments in Tairawhiti to $200.1 million

Two East Coast enterprises will have their businesses boosted by distributions from the Provincial Growth Fund announced this week.

Parata Contracting Limited, based in Ruatoria, and Gisborne-based Four Seasons will each get a chunk of the $1.6 million being dished out.

Parata Contracting is listed as a roading service provider.

Four Seasons Packhouse was developed by growers to provide a service that involves the harvesting and packing of buttercup squash ready for export.

It also helps  growers in the packing, marketing and distribution of feijoas and citrus to local and export markets.

The Point of Order Trough  Monitor recorded the latest PGF distributions this week when they were announced by Fletcher Tabuteau, the Parliamentary Under Secretary for Regional Economic Development.

Tabuteau said the funding would come from the PGF’s skills and employment programme, Te Ara Mahi,  which was investing a further $1.6m into Tairāwhiti’s workforce development.

Tabuteau said:

“This PGF funding follows on from significant PGF investment earlier this month giving Tairāwhiti people access to additional opportunities and meaningful work through the support of locally-led initiatives.”  

PGF investment to date in the Tairāwhiti region amounts to $200.1 million.

The funding decisions announced this week were:

  • $731,311.40) for a two-year civic infrastructure workforce development programme for 24 new employees (targeting potential workers from Tolaga Bay up to Hicks Bay) and 15 existing employees, to be run by Parata Contracting; and
  • $940,228 for a two-year horticulture training programme that will train 56 full time employees – 31 in year 1; and 19 in year 2 to be run by Four Seasons.

“These projects exemplify the purpose of Te Ara Mahi – to give regions the capability to support local people with skills, training and employment, and addresses the labour shortage in the horticulture and civic infrastructure sectors in Tairāwhiti,” Fletcher Tabuteau said.

“These projects are an exemplar of passionate community leaders getting involved to make a difference for their community, and will make a significant difference to the futures of people and businesses in Tairāwhiti.

“I’m proud we are backing locally-led programmes which tackle challenges in this region head on, and support the priorities carved out by people in this community.”

Te Ara Mahi means ‘Pathways to Work’.  The programme was established to assist local people into local jobs, “with a strong focus on people not in employment, education or training”.

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