Shh! There are some things we can’t discuss today (but Trump and Biden are not among them)

Other bloggers have already said what we aimed to emphasise in this morning’s post.

It’s Election Day and much that we would like to say must not be said – at least, not in public.

At Homepaddock, some justifiable bemusement is expressed:

“The law that all electioneering must stop at midnight yesterday may seem silly when we’ve been able to vote for a couple of weeks, but it is the law.

“That means no comments on New Zealand politics are permitted until 7pm when polling booths close.”

Counting of early votes starts before booths close so results should be earlier than in the past when there were much fewer early votes and counting didn’t start until 7pm.

At Kiwiblog, readers similarly are reminded that no posts or comments on New Zealand politics are allowed.

“You will get suspended if you break this legal requirement.

“You can comment on the election in terms of if you voted, the queue at the voting booth etc. But not who you voted for.

“You can also comment on US politics or other countries.”

Great.  Trump and Biden are fair game.

At 7 pm normal commenting can resume and we can come closer to home.

The Standard, too, is anxious that its readers stick to the the rules around Election day material on a website like theirs.

These are mandated by the legislation. We will allow comments here during election day. But they will be limited and we expect you to comment lawfully, and moderation will be on our interpretation of the Act.

Readers are asked to read this post before commenting between midnight and 7pm today.  

The Daily Blog has gone further by going silent (while making plain its leanings on the left-right spectrum for those who might not know):

My dear Comrades. Brothers & Sisters, fellow citizens of Aotearoa.

Today is our formal day of election.

The arguments are done, there is no more debate, adverts and campaigning is over, you have the sacred privilege of making up your mind as an individual in our society in that voting booth.

Let us rejoice whatever the outcome tonight, because our democracy is the winer here. The peaceful transfer of power without violence or intimidation is a sacred blessing we enjoy on a planet where many are denied this dream.

We must lay our verbal weapons and social media stones to one side now as we graciously accept the will of the people. 

There won’t be any posting on TDB today and we will be offline until 7pm when we will begin live streaming results.

Blogger Martyn Bradbury will be covering the election live on MagicTalk from 7pm with Sean Plunket, Damien Grant, among others.

They will try and call the election before Radio NZ.

We like to think we could call it now – but the law requires us to keep our thoughts to ourselves.

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