New poll (does the mainstream media know about it?) affirms Ardern govt is on the back foot

The Ardern government  may  feel  pleased it  hasn’t  fallen lower  in  the   latest  Roy Morgan poll,  but  there  wasn’t much to   cheer  about,  particularly  for those  MPs  who it  indicates face  being  banished to the political wilderness come  election day.

The  key  element in the  poll – the  fourth in a  row  in the Roy  Morgan sampling to  show  a  change of  government, were there to be  an election now – is  the decline in net country direction from -5% to  -12.5%, as  has  been  pointed  out  by  another pollster,  David  Farrar.

The gender breakdown of the direction question is  also pertinent: in February women were + 8% but are now -6%.

Of  course,  Covid   is  still  dominating  the  headlines  in  the  mainstream media, few  of which level  any  kind of  criticism at  the Prime  Minister – and  there  was  barely  a  mention to  be  found  in the media of  the  Roy Morgan  poll.

Strangely,  too,  the  NZ  Herald’s percipient political  editor, Claire Trevett, defended  the  Prime Minister  for her  choice of  Poto Williams  as  Police  Minister,  even after  the  newspaper  had earlier given  her front-page  headlines  “Williams  slated, over  police response  times”.  

Or  was   Trevett  being  ironic when she  wrote:

“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was trying something different by giving it to Williams, who is not tough on crime and can’t put on a convincing show of it – and was chosen for those reasons.   Williams is also relatively inexperienced as a minister and that is showing – and is a liability in a portfolio which has rapidly become very political”.

What  is   clear  is  that Williams has  made  herself  an  easy   target   for  National’s  Mark  Mitchell,  himself  a  former policeman  and  well  versed  on  issues  of  law  and  order.

And  there  is   little   doubt   that   with  gang  membership   growing  faster  than the  police  muster, police  response  times more  than  doubling  and  shootings   featuring regularly  in  the  headlines, public  alarm  is  becoming  acute.

So  National  has  got  Labour  on the  back foot, not   just  on  its recent  handling of  Covid, but on   the  cost  of  living  “crisis”  and  law  and  order.  What  will be   next?

One thought on “New poll (does the mainstream media know about it?) affirms Ardern govt is on the back foot

  1. What will be next? How about the race-based gerrymander being implemented under the Rotorua and Lakes Representation Arrangements Bill? This is obviously the template for co-governance in local government across the country. It not only requires an over-ride of current electoral law, but it also contravenes the Bill of Rights Act and breaches New Zealand’s obligations to provide for equal suffrage without racial discrimination under the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. It is little short of a coup against democracy which has so far been studiously ignored by the media.

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