2 thoughts on “Garrick Tremain’s view…

  1. Yep, the media is going out of its way to avoid mentioning National’s promise to repeal Three Waters.
    Newshub Nation’s Oriini Kaipara claimed yesterday that National’s only significant policy announcement this year has been tax cuts.
    Luke Malpass for Stuff this morning mentioned everything but Labour’s race-based policies as a drawcard for voters.


  2. The media is most certainly blind, they are all banging on about three waters and the ngai Tahu bill being undemocratic..
    They are blinkered to the real Adern agenda which is to install He puapua by stealth, small steps at a time.
    Even Jack Tame instead of pressing Adern about her He puapua agenda, spent his time fixated on the three waters issue.
    The media can’t seem to see the smoke and mirrors unfolding before them.
    And the majority of the NZ public are totally unaware of the Agenda.


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