Two islands divided by a common culture

One of the jobs we take seriously at Point of Order is reading the Guardian so you don’t have to.  

So it’s with some pleasure that we can recommend Fintan O’Toole’s biographical piece “John le Carré’s final twist: dying as an Irishman”.

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Five Eyes – it gives NZ a stronger voice as well as providing insights for shaping policy

Intelligence officials are discounting Helen Clark’s pronouncement that NZ has lost its “independence” through its participation in the Five Eyes intelligence arrangement that links NZ with Australia, Canada, the UK and the US. Her enthusiasm as prime minister for the flood of intelligence is well remembered by the intelligence community.

Rather, they say, in an increasingly troubled world, the arrangement is extending the flow of information and provides Wellington with a stronger voice. It has become a useful tool for promoting shared values and it remains an international forum in which NZ can play a significant role in shaping policy

Earlier this month, as China announced its final assumption of power in Hong Kong, the group issued a rebuke as Washington, London, Ottawa and Canberra criticised China for undermining the “one country, two systems” framework that was meant to determine Hong Kong’s future for 50 years after its handover from British rule in 1997. Continue reading “Five Eyes – it gives NZ a stronger voice as well as providing insights for shaping policy”

‘Significant security risk’ stymies Spark’s Huawei 5G proposal

Where’s  John  Le  Carre  when  we   need   him?    He  would  revel  in the   storyline   which   lies  behind  the  statement  of  GCSB  director-general  Andrew  Hampton  this afternoon  that he has  informed  Spark NZ  “a  significant  security  risk was identified”.

Hampton went on to say he would be saying no more:

“As there is an ongoing regulatory process I will not be commenting further at this stage. The GCSB treats all notifications it receives as commercially sensitive”.

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