China’s rise – delayed again

The unstoppable march of China continues, according to (and in turn according to Chinese scientists).  China’s latest satellite can take pictures at a resolution which eludes US satellites. 

Subtext: start learning Mandarin – now!

But you might be better employed seeking out stuff like the latest from George Magnus, a quirky former financier, writing in the Guardian – no less.

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Finance Minister is gushing but some economists are less bullish

Finance Minister Grant Robertson went on the offensive this week to counter the gloom engendered by political opponents and business  leaders about the state  of the  New Zealand economy.

He  cantered  through a  field of  positive  statistics  to  show   everything is  hunky-dory—- well, almost everything.

Yes, there  are  some problems  over low levels of productivity,  the challenges of   digital  change, and mixed signals over  future tax and  workplace legislation.

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We welcome the PM into motherhood, too (but oops – did our GDP per capita just shrink a tad?)

The  global impact  of  the  birth of the Prime Minister’s baby at Auckland Hospital  cannot  be  over-estimated.  It has won headlines around he world, all for the right  reasons, for NZ.  Congratulations poured in from many world leaders.

There was great rejoicing at Point of Order, too. We extend our heartiest congratulations.

The symbolism  was  what  counted for  many of those  reporting the  event.  For example, a report from Lucy Hawkins, the BBC  correspondent in Moscow who is moderating reports of the  World  Cup, was headlined “the  baby a nation was waiting  for.”

She saw it  as a  message for girls  around the world:

 “You can  aspire to be  a  leader of the country  and  at the  same time have a family”

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