Kiwi trade expert plays key role in shaping UK’s post-EU trade policy

As PM Theresa May thrashes her way via narrow House of Commons votes towards Brexit, behind the scenes a former NZ diplomat and academic is shaping the UK’s post-EU trade relationships.  Crawford Falconer  is  chief  adviser  to  the  Secretary of  State  for International  Trade  Liam Fox  in London and   is  playing a  key role  in shaping  Britain’s new  trade policy.

When he  was appointed to the  role last year he was tasked with developing and negotiating free trade agreements and market access deals with non-EU countries and shaping trade deals on specific sectors or products.

Falconer  served in the trade policy engine room of the Ministry of Foreign  Affairs in Wellington  for many of the  25 years he spent in NZ’s public service and colleagues regarded  him as the brains  in the trade area, although he always operated in the lee of Tim Groser whose ebullience overshadowed Falconer’s quiet demeanour. Continue reading “Kiwi trade expert plays key role in shaping UK’s post-EU trade policy”