Boris the shape shifter – yeh that sounds right – but is there substance to the shape?

It takes a lot to grind down the hard-working ideologues at the Guardian but Boris Johnson will stop at nothing.  There was a whiff of admiration amidst the self-loathing in the opinion columns “The Tories have become the party of optimists” and “Shapeshifting Tories have mastered playing to the crowd”

You might have thought the burdens of the premiership and near-death during Covid would dampen his natural ebullience.  But at this week’s Conservative party conference his autodidactic illumination of classical reference, historical allusion and ribaldry was undimmed.  Who else, a fortnight after – again – Guardian headlines “Boris admits he has six children”, would say that Britain has only 0.8% of the world’s population, despite our best efforts.

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Has ‘Johnsonism’ arrived?

Britain’s new health minister, Sajid Javid, says he will keep wearing a mask after formal restrictions are removed in the next fortnight.  It’s a more political than public health gesture.  Unless perhaps he’s meeting unvaccinated ministerial visitors from Australia or New Zealand.

Britain’s Covid debate is morphing faster than the virus.  Thanks to the fast spreading Delta variant and a super-charged vaccination programme it’s plausible that pretty much everyone bar Scottish lighthouse keepers will have had Covid antibodies delivered to them by the end of the year via neighbours or needle. 

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