Labour Party in disarray – and the flow-on to the PM

The once-proud NZ Labour Party was in a sorry shape this week. Its president Nigel Haworth handed in his resignation, the PM Jacinda Ardern was looking rather bedraggled, and several of her senior staff stood accused of a cover-up, in the wake of the scandal involving allegations of sexual assault against a Labour staffer said to be working in the Beehive.

Stuff reported earlier this week that a 19-year-old woman was allegedly assaulted on two occasions by a staffer with “strong influence” in the party.  It took a year after the second alleged assault before the party eventually launched an investigation into multiple complaints. But in spite of the young woman meeting with Labour Party officials including Haworth to seek help, the party contended the allegations did not include sexual violence.

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From stardom in New York, it’s back to earth (and some muckiness) for the PM

PM  Jacinda  Ardern   has had an almost triumphal  visit to  New York, rounding it off   with a  maiden  speech  which  drew   respectful applause  (rather than the laughs  which  greeted  Donald Trump’s opening salvoes) in the UN General  Assembly.  And then there  was her  celebrity status on  US  chat shows  where  she spoke and enchanted  (we hope)  millions of  Americans.

Heady  stuff – though it may take some  time  to  distill  the   after-match  reaction, in terms of achieving  positive outcomes for  NZ.

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