It is much too easy to win headlines – and then be treated leniently – for assaulting MPs

It’s rare for a politician in New Zealand to be mugged while out walking, broadcaster Barry Soper observed after Green Party co-leader James was assaulted in Wellington last week, although many had got into “skirmishes” when out doing their job.

The attack on Shaw prompted the PM to say New Zealanders should be proud of the access New Zealanders have to their politicians, whose job is to serve the people, but this assault showed they can’t take that for granted.

Soper recalled National’s Lockwood Smith once being forced to take a back door out of a university rather than face angry students as Education Minister.

But the last time a politician had been “supposedly attacked” while out walking was Keith Allen, a Minister in the Muldoon Government in 1983. Continue reading “It is much too easy to win headlines – and then be treated leniently – for assaulting MPs”

Spending power is shrinking while govt rearranges the microeconomic deckchairs

Notice  the  pay  packet  doesn’t  go  quite as far as  it  did, say, six months  months ago?

And if this be the case, is it  just because the  price of petrol  has  surged  skywards?

Back in  March the national price  of petrol was around $2.08 a litre for  91 octane. Now  it’s  about  $2.40 a litre,  probably  more in Auckland  where the regional  fuel  tax  of  11.5c  litre  was applied in  July.

It’s  not surprising  the  cost of petrol  has  moved up  sharply. Statistics  NZ  reported  that in the June 2018 quarter, higher prices for imported crude oil increased the costs paid by the petroleum and coal product manufacturing industry (up 11.3 %). Continue reading “Spending power is shrinking while govt rearranges the microeconomic deckchairs”