A tale of two milk companies – one of them is being suckled by taxpayers

The contrasting fortunes of Synlait Milk and Westland Milk Products were thrown into sharp relief last week. On the one hand Synlait won applause at its annual meeting from shareholders, impressed by its performance in virtually doubling profit ($74.6m against $39.4m) in its tenth year of operations. On the other hand Westland had the begging bowl out for a Provincial Growth Fund loan of $9.9m which will help the co-op in funding a $22m manufacturing plant aimed at converting milk to higher-value products.

The Westland dairy exporter, discussing a capital restructure in its 2018 annual report, said it had relatively high debt and limited financial flexibility.

Commenting on the PGF loan, chief financial officer Dorian Devers is reported as saying the co-op could have financed the project in other ways “but the terms we have been given from the PGF are more favourable. It’s a longer-term loan than we can get from a bank which is nice”.

The NZ Herald quoted economic consultant and former ANZ Bank chief economist Cameron Bagrie as saying the loan sets a “dangerous precedent”. He reckons it appears to be corporate welfare. Continue reading “A tale of two milk companies – one of them is being suckled by taxpayers”