Nurses won lots of sympathy – but who says tax collectors are invaluable?

A press release from the PSA at 9:32 am  which advised IR and MBIE workers on strike TODAY.

WHEN: Today, Monday 23 July, 1pm – 3pm

WHERE: Various locations around New Zealand (see below)

WHAT: 4000 PSA members from IR and MBIE take strike action

The statement advised that PSA members at Inland Revenue and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment “will reluctantly hold a second day of strike action today”.

Members will walk off the job at 1pm for a two-hour stoppage – the second industrial action after the strike held on 9 July.

Rallies will be held in towns and cities across New Zealand, while some centres have opted to do community-based work for the period of the strike.

PSA National Secretary Erin Polaczuk says this second day of action is a last resort for union members and members are very reluctant to take strike action because they know it will cause disruption.

“But they deserve better than this – and we’re asking the employers to come back to the table ready to negotiate properly.”

A list of marches/rallies around the country completes the statement.

In Wellington, for example, from 1.20-1:40pm union members will arrive at the front of the Railway Station; at 1:50pm a rally and speeches will be held at the Railway station opposite the IR Asteron Building and at 2:10pm the strikers will rally outside Stout Street.

Among the musings at Point of Order, we wondered about the size of the muster because bus drivers are on strike, too.  This has likely made it hard for some people to get to work – or to take industrial action.

Wellington commuter buses have faced “heavy delays” on key routes, as the already-struggling network is further tested by school going back at the same time as industrial action begins.

There were problems last week with the new timetables, routes, and buses, following Tranzit taking over most of the region’s services.

Today more strain has been piled on, with 50 bus drivers taking part in industrial action through Hutt Valley.


A Metlink spokesperson said there had been delays on the number three route from Lyall Bay, and services from Miramar.

Another line of musing concerned public support for the workers who will be going on strike and their demands in contrast – say – with the obvious public support for under-paid nurses.

We recall the patient who had her cancer surgery postponed and described nurses as invaluable.

Margaret Garden had a call the morning of her surgery informing her strike action had delayed her procedure.

She says she supports the nurses’ plight, but she’s not happy about the postponement.

“Nurses, myself, I think are wonderful. To be honest, I think they do an amazing job and they do deserve what they want, but in another respect, I can see how it affects other people,” she said.

Hands up anybody who thinks tax collectors are wonderful and deserve what they want?

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